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Join North Coast

Find out what North Coast Credit Union members have enjoyed for years: better rates, fewer fees and personalized customer service.

North Coast exists to serve its members and no one else. That means we look for ways to help you save more of your money, not for more ways to charge you fees to use it.

Are you ready to join? If you live, work, worship, or attend school in Washington State, you can be a member. It's easy to switch, sign up today.

Count on These Good Reasons to Join

OneOur Mission is Service, Not Profit

Rather than reporting to a group of shareholders or outside investors, our credit union exists to serve our members and their communities. We return our profits to our members in the form of better rates, fewer fees, and useful services. 


TwoWe Offer Innovative Products and Services

Checks are ancient. Romans called them praescriptiones. In the Persian Empire, they were Sakks. Checks are still used today, but nobody can deny that banking is changing. By designing thoughtful products, we'd like to think that our services can stay ahead of the curve. 


ThreeTrue Community Involvement

Feel good about banking with a truly local organization that cares about our community as much as you do. Unlike some other businesses—where community service is an afterthought run by the marketing department—North Coast exists to serve in our entirety.


FourIndividualized Service

When you join, we assign you a member number, but we'll never treat you like one!



FiveWe Listen to Our Members

By joining North Coast, you're entering into a financial cooperative with us and our members. We take this very seriously, and will always seek new ways to improve. You're the key to making this happen.